"we are now mobile and dynamic, we need a power source which doesn't procrastinate us!"

The era of flexible power outlet

“Let’s make life easy!!”

– Anonymously Expressed


Power Track

Power Track is a continuous installation. It can be altered, extended or connected at 90°. Apply this across edges or even on glass.


The sockets are now part of lifestyle, these ordinary looking things that we have searched all our lives, are finally in-hand. Just insert the socket inside the power track and draw power.

Interior Technology

Modern day appliances and products are made with a single solution function, for example, air conditioning and refrigerator have same principle to chill, however they are still are alternatively accessible.

Interior technology is a blend of traditional technology, with modern techniques. we aim to create products which will seamlessly flow with the interior, aesthetically, unlike a piece of plastic that disrupt the artistic flow of any space. Interior technology is a combination of visual experience and artistic engineering.

The idea is to integrated an engineer, who draw with number and an artist who draw with impression!

Upcoming Sockets and Accessories

We have variety of accessories that you can connect with the power track. With technology getting updated every day, you don’t have to worry about breaking. Just hook them up to the track!.

PLC-Lan and Wifi
Smart Sockets
Glass Atomizer
Air Monitor PM 2.5
Wireless Linear Switch
Personal Communicator