Flexible Power Outlet System


Power track is made of highest grade of architectural aluminum, which will revive the edges of space. Internally it has been designed to insulate and hover the electrical transmission mechanism, with support walls made out of high grade plastic. The track has high grade copper meeting less loss of electricity, while in process of transmission, meeting residential and commercial energy efficiency requirements, offering great product robustness and long life.

The track requires one power source at the start and in continuation, it can be extended or altered via accessories. On an average eight feet track, one can easily accommodate 25-30 sockets.

Track Features:

  • Heat Resistant Capacity up to 2500c
  • Supply: 10A-40A
  • IP 54 Compatible


Power Sockets are made with Eco-friendly, poly-carbonate material giving it a unique appeal and robustness, while the connector is made of high quality nylon giving it strength and flexibility. The socket has low resistance, since there are no wires involved, in the process of the current flow, from the track to the end appliance. Sockets comes in amazing shades, comprising of marble and wooden textures.

Socket Features:

  •  13 Amp
  •  220v-240v


●The Power Outlet is now flexible

● There is a 30% savings to the cost of electrical installation. (as breaking wall, coduting, wires inside the wall, labor, socket, switches, all will get eliminated)

● A new space of Interior Technology

● Takes up to 8-10KW (Commercial)

● Power track is also heat and spill proof

How will it benefit a customer economically?

 There are two parts to a room upper half and lower half. The power track and related accessories is a part of the lower half of the room. The upper
half has a solution to eliminate wires that are used to pulse switches.

Combination will give a 20% reduction in electrical installation cost. (assessment does not include
lighting fixtures and other decorative.)