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Welcome to Indyro Global Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Incepted in March 2019 by Rajiv and Anita Kumar and currently managed by Rohan Kumar, Indyro was conceptualized after four years of studying power consumption patterns and trying to identify unexplored ways to optimize and enhance the same.  During this process, the makers observed that the conventional wall-fixed power outlets severely limit accessibility. In this day and age of multiple devices for every individual, this limitation can be severely restrictive. Moreover, the existing sockets may also not be compatible with various devices or not equipped to offer the correct amperage. Additionally, the design and visual aesthetics of these outlets has also not been thought about from different perspectives, leading to them being drab. Indyro aims to offer a solution to all these concerns.

Indyro Global is all set  introducing the domain of ‘Interior Technology’ and completely transforming the way we understand power accessibility and consumption. Through its unique proprietary product ‘POWER PLUS” comprising a dynamic power track and fully adaptive sockets, Indyro showcases innovations in the Flexible Power Outlet Systems hitherto unseen in conventional power infrastructure.